STAC aviation consultancy has several ways to establish improvement of your organisation. Before we decide how to improve your business we will assess the current situation thouroughly. We start by mapping out your workflows and communication lines. Interviewing staff and management. We discuss the goals of the company.  

STAC uses the following for improvement:

FORDER (a method from aviation tailored to be used to improve general decisionmaking in your company)

BASE (a method based on aviation processes to improve companies having several locations)

CLIMB (a method to establish growth of the company)

NOTICE (a method to establish better communication throughout your company)

TAKE-OFF (a method to work on the happinez and dedication of your employees)


more info: 


- the company

- founder Stephen


- An objective view on your processes 

- Focus on Air Ops and FCL


- A fresh look at your company processes.

- Let us make your staff work more efficient