STAC aviation consultancy auditing is based on an objective check of your company adherence to the regulations and then working together to find the errors and ensure to improve on them.

Extensive knowledge about EASA regulation ensures an thourough check on complaince and when working together on solving the issue ensures compliance for the future. 

During an audit we look at your processes as you described them in your manual. When finding errors we alwasy look deeper and help you find the root cause. Where possible we can also think with you for corrective action. 


If you want to have your manual checked if it is compliant with the latest regulation, STAC can help you out! We will also make sure typos and grammar errors will be noted in the compliance check ;-) 

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- An objective view on your processes 

- Focus on Air Ops and FCL


- A fresh look at your company processes.

- Let us make your staff work more efficient