STAC aviation consultancy is founded with the idea to make organisations perform better. The methods used at STAC are based on aviation proces management and business management. Combined with life experience of getting up after set backs they will make a perfect combination to make your company perform better and more efficient. STAC makes use of easy to the point coaching and training. We tailor each training to your company, combining our vision with yours. So you will be set up for the future and its changes.

STAC is founded by Stephen van Houwelingen


Stephen has a vision to share his knowledge and ideas, to make companies perform better. He knows like nobody else that something you plan may well not turn out. He knows how to deal with abrupt changes and has a never give up mentality. 


Stephen started his dream to become a pilot at the KLM flight academy. He experienced his first setback in business with not making the cut for the job at the airline. Not giving and striving to continue in aviation the academy recruited him to become a flight instructor. He would give flight training in the States. Just before finishing his instructor exam they pulled the plug. They thought to they could obtain a permit a different, easier way, but ofcourse that was not possible. The school Stephen did his instructor training was unwilling to give him his syllabus so he could finish the training himself. In the end he drove to Brussels (where the ATO was located) to pick up the syllabus and made sure he passed the exam and got his Flight instructor rating. Applying everywhere he could he started at a flightschool in holland. There working hard and already busy with his passion to improve processes. This was noticed by senior management and he was asked to set up a flying location on a different airfield which turned out to become a great succes.

After obtaining all the licenses as instructor and finally being Chief Flight Instructor he made the step to become airline pilot. Flying the B737 in Turkey. A big change for him and his family as the had a little boy on the way, but him and his wife made it happen. In 2014 his dream was destroyed when he got a CVA. Perserverence made him train already before reaching the hospital. The first day he could not close his hand to a fist, but the 2nd day he could close it and on the 3rd day with force. This is typical for his approach to never give up. 


Although he had to give up flying Stephen couldnt give up aviation. After moving back to Holland, finishing the investigations on why the CVA happened and giving the period a place with his personal coach, he continued to look for jobs in aviation. He was accepted for three after one month of searching. The one he chose was compliance and safety manager at a flight school. Due to the CVA he lost his medical license and everybody taught flying was finished for Stephen. Stephen thought otherwise. 3 years of fighting the no´s he managed to get his class one medical approved. A couple of weeks later he passed his check and revalidated his license. A couple of months later he started at Norwegian Air Shuttle on the Dreamliner. Continuing his dream. 


Gaining experience in the long haul operation Stephen wanted more and started looking around to work at other operators or flight schools to do auditing or helping develop the Safety Management System. Next to that he reached out via linkedin to John Franklin of EASA, and joined them as an independent aviation external expert. He now writes articles for EASA and is member of an expert panel to develop and promote safety material. Due to the work he was getting Stephen decided to start his own company. STAC.  When COVID-19 hit, he saw a chance to further develop this and now business process improvement is added to the company. This is due to the fact that Stephen has always been interested in business processes and its development. He is keen on continious improvement and making people happier at their work. He is looking forward to learn about your company! Leave a note and he will contact you soon.


- compliance monitoring

- safety management system


- An objective view on your processes 

- Focus on Air Ops and FCL


- A fresh look at your company processes.

- Let us make your staff work more efficient